DirecTV is the largest provider of digital television services in the United States. In late 2006, DirecTV had over 15.6 million subscribers in the U.S. market. DirecTV offers more than 1,500 digital video and audio channels. Their available package includes 130 basic entertainment channels, 31 premium movie channels, 33 regional and sports networks and over 1,100 local channels-subscribers, however, only receive the local channels in their area. DirecTV offers local channel coverage in 142 U.S. markets, covering 94% of U.S. households. DirecTV offers 70 Spanish and foreign language channels. They feature approximately 50 pay-per-view channels as well.

DirecTV offers several different packages of television and audio content. The Total Choice package gives over 155 channels and 50 XM Satellite Radio channels. Total Choice Plus includes over 185 channels and 67 XM Satellite Radio channels. The Total Choice Premier package includes over 250 channels, including premium movie channels and sports networks. The Family Choice plan includes over 40 channels that are kid-friendly.

DirecTV offers optional equipment to help you enjoy your viewing experience. DirecTV DVRs allow you to pause and rewind live TV. You can record up to 100 hours through their DVR and you can record up to two shows at once. If you have an HD television, you will need a DirecTV receiver.

DirecTV has a special package designed for the television viewer who wants it all. The Titanium package starts with up to 10 receivers, giving the subscriber the choice of the latest HD, DVR and HD DVR units available. The subscriber is given personalized concierge service 24 hours a day. Subscribers receive every possible premium channel and premium pay-per-view event. Subscribers can watch pay-per-view movies an unlimited number of times. Adult programming is included in the package. All sports packages, such as NFL Sunday Ticket and Mega March Madness are also included. The same is true for special event pay-per-view fights and concerts. All regional sports network channels are included. If DirecTV carries it, you get it. Enrollment in this service is limited.


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